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Who We Are

We've been buying record collections for 15+ years thoughout New York, New Jersey, and the entire US East Coast. We are willing to travel further afield depending on your needs.

Competitive prices paid for collectible records in solid condition.

New to this and feeling a little out your depth? Check out our Records 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

Sell Your Used Records

What We Buy

Vinyl LP Records

We buy clean Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Avant-garde, Folkways, and Ethnographic LPs. While we're not condition snobs, we can't purchase scratched records or water damaged sleeves.

Word of Mouth

After working with us, please let your friends know about the experience. We also pay serious referral fees for leads resulting in high end collection purchases. We do appraisals too, on a limited basis.

We Make House Calls

No need to pack the car up, we can come to you at a time that works best.

Do I Need a List?

No. We don't expect you to go to great lengths typing up a list. Though it helps to have a general sense of the genres of music involved, volume-wise: how many records, and how they are stored. Attaching pictures from your smart phone (or text notes) can be a real help to both of us, a little background can go a long way in working together.

Get in Touch!

Ready to get started selling your LP record collection? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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